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A little info on the Ninja Foodi before we begin. If you’d rather skip it, fair enough, but please be sure to read the tips.

Recently I bought a Ninja Foodi after a fair amount of research. The reason I decided on the Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 in the end was because it can handle a whole array of functions (7 to be exact) which includes Pressure, Steam, Sear/Saute, Slow Cook, Air Fryer and Bake/Roast. Since I’m only cooking for two, the 5 quart pot works well for us. However, if you are cooking for more people, I would highly recommend the larger pot. The larger Ninja Foodi also has two other functions – these being the broil and dehydrate functions. Since I don’t really need either in my day to day, I’m happy with my purchase. Regardless of which Ninja Foodi you have, all my recipes below have been tried and tested by my husband and myself and tweaked accordingly. You guys can now reap the benefits of my experimentations! I should also mention that the Ninja Foodi is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time to cook; dislikes cleaning up after cooking; or is averse to aromatic cooking smells lingering in the house for days. The Ninja Foodi takes care of all of that allowing you to make delicious and impressive gourmet meals in no time at all!

Since purchasing the Ninja Foodi, all my other kitchen gadgets have been made redundant. Away with the toaster; the oven; the skillet; and the slow cooker! Make way for the Ninja!

A couple of tips before we take a deep dive. Your Ninja Foodi may come with limited accessories as mine did, so if you’re like me, and you need everything imaginable (I’m a kitchen gadget freak), then the few things I would highly recommend buying is a set of silicon cooking utensils – you absolutely do not want to use anything other than silicon otherwise you will scrape and damage the pot. Secondly, do purchase some silicon oven gloves. They are less bulky and easier to manage when picking up that piping hot pot! Thirdly, if you’re into steaming veggies like I am, then I recommend purchasing a silicon colander which fits perfectly inside the pot and seals in all the natural goodness. Finally, do invest in an oil dispenser so you can spray oil as needed. This allows for healthier cooking as you’ll find you use a lot less oil. Many have recommended not using aerosol sprays as not only do they typically have low smoking points, but they could also damage the machine in the long run.

One final note: I’ve tried and tested olive oil vs. avocado oil and here’s the thing folks: Avocado oil has a high smoke point (allowing the food to get to hotter temperatures without burning) and since the Ninja gets extremely hot, I would highly recommend using avocado oil instead of olive oil, especially when air frying. On many occasions (when using olive oil), my smoke alarm has gone off, and I learned through my Ninja Foodi expert friends, that you should stick with avocado oil OR pour 1/2 cup of water in to the pot before air frying. That, my friends, will do the trick! So let’s move on to the recipes…


Roasted Whole Chicken

BBQ Chicken Thighs

Air Fried Crispy Chicken Wings

Drums of Heaven (Chicken Drumsticks)

Heavenly Spiced Air Fried Wings

Red Meat

BBQ Skirt Steak

Air Fried Rib Eye Steak

BBQ Meatloaf

Fire Roasted Lamb Shanks

Instant Pot (No Bean) Chili


Plain Old Hard Boiled Eggs


Air Fried Okra

Air Fried Eggplant

Baigan Bharta (Mashed Eggplant)

Parsnip Fries

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Roast Baby Potatoes

Parsnip Mash (Deshi Style Bharta)

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts

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