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American English Bengali Sylheti
Okra Okra Dherosh/Bhendi Deresh
Scallion Spring Onions N/A N/A
Yogurt Yoghurt Dhoi Doi
Lentils Lentils Daal Dayl
Vermicelli Vermicelli Shemai Shemai/Shawoi
Zuccini Courgette N/A Possibly Sisinga
Corn Sweetcorn N/A N/A
Fried Fish Fried Fish Mach Bhaji Mas Biran
Bombay Duck Bombay Duck Shutki Hutki
Type of sour lemon  N/A Shatkora Hatkhora


Definition of Halal: The term “halal” or “Zabihah” is Arabic for “lawful” or “permitted.”  When referring to “halal food” we refer to a food preparation method under Islamic dietary law.

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