Mango Pie


This dessert is delicious, quick to make and yet so impressive!


1 ready made pie crust

1 can mango pulp (16 oz)

1 fresh mango

1 can condensed milk

2 packets unflavoured gelatin (also available in halal stores)

Can of ready-whip


How to:

1. Turn on the oven to the preheat setting for 15 mins on 375 degrees

2. Next, prepare the gelatin according to the packet instructions

3. Mix the gelatin in with the mango pulp

4. Put the pie crust into a hot oven for 5 minutes only, then turn the oven off (note that you should read the instructions on the pie crust first as some do not require you to preheat the crust prior to adding a mixture into it).

5. Allow the pie crust to cool down before adding the gelatin and mango mixture.

6. Put in fridge and allow to set for an hour or two.

7. When serving, decorate with fresh mango, placing finger slices all the way around the dish. The mango should meet in the middle if done right. Squeeze some ready-whip into the center of the pie for decoration. You can also do the same when you cut and serve the pie slices.



Recipe submitted by Nowsheen Firoz


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