Baked Yogurt (Mitta Dhoi/Mishti Dhoi)

This easy dessert recipe was passed down to me by my mom. I recall how she used to make it every Eid (religious holiday) without fail.  Using just four ingredients, this dessert is definately one for a special occasion. You’ll want to make it the night before since it’s oven baked, takes a while, and needs to be served chilled. It tastes great however and is well worth the effort!  By the way, “Mitta” and “Mishti” both mean sweet. The difference is in the dialect.



1 large pot of plain full fat or low fat yogurt

1 can carnation milk

4 tablespoons of sugar

Full fat milk


How to:

1. Stir the yogurt well with a spoon breaking away any lumps that may have formed.

2. Transfer to a large pirex or other oven proof dessert dish.

3. Add 1 can of carnation milk and then using the same can as the measurement for the milk, add 1 can of full fat milk. Add 4 tablespoons of sugar and check for sweetness. Add more sugar if you like it sweeter. Stir well.

Note: It is recommended that you use full fat milk so that the yogurt sets nicely. Non-fat or skimmed milk will only make the dessert watered down and perhaps even crack when you go to serve it. (I learned the hard way)!

4. Place in the oven on the lowest setting possible for 4-5 hours. When done, switch the oven off and leave in oven so the yogurt sets nicely.  Do NOT stir again.

5. Place in fridge overnight and serve chilled.


 Recipe submitted by my Mother

5 Responses to “Baked Yogurt (Mitta Dhoi/Mishti Dhoi)”

  1. Hi please can you tell me how to make the above misti dhoi an orange colour like thy do in bangladsh. Do i just add orange food colouring? Could you tell m how and when do add thi ingredient.

    Thank you.
    I’ll be waiting for your reply so i can make this.

  2. Hi Selina. Thanks for getting in touch. I have never made the orange dhoi you speak of. I have tasted it before though. My guess is you would add the orange food coloring in with the mixture when you bake it, but please dont quote me on that. There’s also a tangy taste that goes with the ones I have tasted and I have no idea what makes that taste. Sorry I cant help! If you ever find out, please let me know and I’ll post your recipe.


  3. Hi, I was always under the impression the orange colour come from the unglazed clay pot in which this is traditionally baked? My Ma makes this in a pressure cooker and that’s also good.

  4. hi, I always thought when making homemade yoghurt, you needed to boil the milk first, cool it down until warm and then add the yoghurt. I have never heard of it your way. Please clarify.

  5. Hi Asma, thanks for the question re the yogurt recipe and my apologies for the late response. Just try it the way it says. It’s my mother’s recipe and it never fails! Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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