Cumin Chicken

This is a simple recipe that I concocted after being inspired by a dish I tried at a Halal Chinese Restaurant. I actually tried the beef version (which you’ll find on this site) but I thought, why not see how it tastes with chicken.  Naturally, I added my own twist to it with the addition of the green beans and curry powder.  So here it is – yet another quick, healthy dish prepared and on the table within 20 minutes!


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Ingredients: (Serves 4)

2 lb chicken breast

1 small packet of green beans

1/2 white onion

1/2 green bell pepper/capsicum

2 stems scallions/green onions

1 tsb canola or vegetable oil

A small handful of fresh coriander/cilantro leaves

3 garlic cloves

Spices:  1 heaped tsp fresh cumin seeds, 1/2 to 1 tsp salt (or to taste), 1/2 tsp curry powder


How to:

1. Wash the chicken thoroughly and cut into bite size pieces. The smaller they are, the quicker they’ll cook.

2. In a wok or large frying pan, heat up 1 tbs of oil and add 3 cloves of garlic sliced thinly. As they start to brown very slightly, add the fresh cumin seeds. Allow to fry for about a minute until you see the cumin seeds expand slightly.

3. Add 1/2 white onion sliced thinly. Fry for one minute.

4. Add the salt and curry powder followed by the chicken. Stir-fry for 5-6  minutes.

5. In the microwave or in a saucepan – prepare the green beans. You want to cook them until partially cooked.

6.  Add the green pepper/capsicum and green beans and continue to stir-fry for 3 minutes.

7. Check if the chicken is completely cooked and if so, add the scallions/green onions chopped roughly.

8.  Stir-fry for another minute and then remove from heat.

9. Sprinkle a handful of fresh coriander/cilantro leaves prior to serving.


Recommendations:  Enjoy with white or brown rice or for some extra zest, try it with coconut rice.



Recipe & image by Sabina Huq

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