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  1. Thanks for the recipe. The Internet has brought the world nearer. I am from Malaysia and am grateful to be able to try this dish.

    I planted some eddo and I didn’t know what to do with it. I usually just eat them plain by boiling. I wanted to try something less plain and managed to find your recipe. Thanks 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you should have potesd about this today, since just the other day I decided to do the same thing with a pile of peels that I had after peeling potatoes to make fondant potatoes for dinner (and there’s a bunch of potato cuttings that I saved from that to turn into mashed potatoes). The taste was great, and I’ll never through out peels again!

  3. Bola B: The chillies will not be opanoitl for me I also have a soft spot for fish too, and this looks quite easy to make. How do you keep the fish from breaking though since it’s fillet-type ?

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I like to eat quail meat normally i fry it,But when I eat it produces too much heat in my body.How can I moderate it with yogurt or any thing.Can you guide me in this matter.And also reason for heating up.
    my age is almost 50.

  5. Hello Sabina,

    I have never cooked cabbage and chicken in the same pot and decided to look for a curry recipe to try when I stumble across yours. I tweaked the recipe a little by adding bell peppers and marinating my chicken for a couple hours, but it didn’t turn out too bad. I have bookmarked your page and will cook this again but adding less water. I also saw another recipe that I will try one day…tilapia Bhuna. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi, I haven’t tried your recipes yet but will definitely give it a try. I was wondering if you had slow cooker recipes. I love Bengali food but I have very little time to cook and I end up ordering in Bengali food.

    Thanks again for the website, this is great!

  7. Hello from Bradford, West Yorkshire! I found your recipe whilst looking for a tasty low fat alternative to my local takeaway; I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous! My partner and I shared the first batch and he loved it so much, I had to go out and buy more onions to make more. He’s not a fish fan (I had prawn and mussels) and I didn’t have paneer to hand so I made his portion with halloumi cheese. Turned out perfect again but I did add the water slowly so not to drench the dish. I’m really pleased I found your website and will be trying more of your recipes as soon as I can. By the way – this recipe works out at only 6 points on Weightwatchers Smartpoints! Just fab 🙂

  8. Cooked this tonight for my girlfriend and I, and it was amazing. Tasted the same as eating out, but somehow healthier. Thank you for this.

    Next time I’ll leave out the curry paste as I don’t think it added anything.

  9. Glad to read read this. I am from the Indian side of the Sylhet.
    I would like to ad to this article.
    Gour Govinda was finally killed by the Azaab of Allah and his palatial bulding fell into the river after one of the desciples of Shah Jalal RA offerred Azaan. The wretched Gour Govinda slaughtered a baby boy whose father did Aqeeqa with a cow. This is a miraculous event in the history of Sylhet. The ruins of Gour Govind are a witness to this till today.

  10. Very Good! I accidentally put in all the spices as well as the potato, after searing the meat, onions & garlic. Then I cooked it under pressure for awhile, not sure how long… and it turned out great! I didn’t use cinnamon or bay leaf, just other Indian spices. Served over basmati rice, with poppadoms. Normally we have other vegetables in with the sauce, which I plan to do next time. I also served steamed cauliflower on the side.

  11. I don’t understand – you say “Get out the deep fryer, sorry!” in step 4, but then you only talk about putting them in the oven. Do you pre-fry these in the deep fryer then put them in the oven or something? And if you’re going to deep fry them anyway, why would you bother putting them in the oven after? Seems like a lot more work for a negligibly lessened amount of grease.

  12. Loved it! Added some tasty tomatoes as that’s my thing! Quick & tasty, ready in the time it took to cook the rice! Better than a Friday night takeaway!!

  13. I’ve made a bunch of your recipes from this site, and have loved all of them (the pulao, channa curry, beef with dal, shrimp with spinach, chicken with cabbage, etc), and I was really excited about this recipe because it reminds me of a dish my grandmother would make for us growing up. When I made it though, I was extremely disappointed. Up until I added the yogurt, it was delicious and reminiscent of the sweet yet tender pieces of the chicken we would ravenously eat. After the yogurt, however, all I could taste was sour flavor of plain yogurt, and despite my meticulous efforts to incorporate the low fat yogurt into the masala, it still curdled, and the sauce texture was grainy. I wasn’t sure what went wrong, and how I lost those beautiful flavors. Was it too much yogurt? I used exactly the amount you indicated. I don’t think my heat was too high, but maybe it should have been lower? I would love for this dish to work out for me and my family because of the strong emotional ties I have with it. Do you have any suggestions for what I could do better next time? Perhaps full fat yogurt instead of low fat to help it not curdle? Maybe less yogurt to keep the flavors of the spices alive? I would be grateful with any suggestions and tips!

    We were making this for a dinner party, and I ended up fixing it temporarily by taking out the chicken pieces and broiling them separately. I ended up throwing out all of the sauce.

    Looking forward to what you suggest, and I am still glad I tried this recipe – I hope I can get it right with your help!


  14. Hi it says 2 small cans of condensed milk I’m from the UK and there’s only one size they do which doesn’t look small. Please can you clarify the measurements so I don’t go wrong.
    Thank you

  15. Salam I am sorry to say that your masala in the photo does not match what you say in the method. You have said the masala should be cooked to a paste whereas clearly in the picture you can see the slices of onion around the egg. Sorry I don’t know why the difference. Thanks.

  16. Thanks for the tasty recipe. Keep it up.

  17. Hi when you say small condensed milk. Here in the uk they have a standard size so please can you tell me how many ml. Thank you

  18. Hi. I love your site.

    This response is a little late–2016. There is an awesome Balti/Bangladeshi restaurant in Richmond near London that is owned and run by Sylheti Bengalis. I discovered this restaurant quite by accident while going for a walk. I was only a visitor to the UK and have not had the good fortune to return to the restaurant. But I remember their food and the friendliness of the owners–when they found I was a Bengali from Kolkata. I have forgotten the name specifically, but it could have been either Bengal Village or Sylhet Spice. Hope this helps!

  19. Why would you wash your beef before cooking it? Most professionals recommend not doing this.

  20. I don’t own a microwave. Lol. Can I bake them instead? (Would take forever!) If I boiled them, is there something I could add or do to reduce the moisture? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  21. This recipe is delicious i just tried with lobster

  22. Thanks for this, I substituted Hilsha with Basa fillets (white fish, no bones to deal with and readily available in UK supermarkets, fry from frozen) and the recipe work fine. Paired with basmati rice and tadka dhal – delicious!

  23. Lovely… Needed this badly.

  24. I made this but added a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes – absolutely delicious! Hopefully I will make it more often and it will help me shift some of this unwanted weight

  25. Kub valo description oiche. Food er part ta beshi better hoice. Thanks for uoploading.

  26. Trying this for the first time using white fish……never had a fish curry in my life……eeeeek! Smells bloody good though ?

  27. Once you add the fish in step four you should add some water and let it simmer. This reduces the concentration of the tomatoes and brings out the flavour of the turmeric with the fish.

  28. So when the doc told me to eat an iron rich diet and suggested offal, my immediate thought was “hmm”. I’d never cooked liver before, haven’t eaten it other than as pâté for 20+ years.

    This was a revelation. Simple recipe to follow, I used a 400g pack of chicken livers trimmed to remove the less attractive bits, halved the spice quantities but used lots of garlic / ginger paste & dried chillies, added some (cooked) broad beans & fine green beans at the “tomato” stage and ate the lot with plain boiled basmati.

    Used one tbsp oil in all, 835 calories for an absolute feast – delicate liver, heady aromas, some warmth but not too much.

    Winner of a recipe, I’ll make this one again and again. Thank you!

  29. Everything is ok except fo the part where you cook the paneer for 10 mins. This is so not right, overcooking the paneer will not make it fall apart but instead it wil become hard, the paneer should always be the last ingredient and cooked for not more than 2-3 mins.

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  31. I had half a cabbage in the fridge and had no inspiration as to how to use it. I am so glad I came across this recipe. It was delicious and very easy to make!

  32. Thank you sooo much sabina huq!!!
    It was soo lovely to do this with my doughter!
    But my grandoughter dident have so much fun reading all of this to us…
    But she kinda helped us,by reading all of this to us…..idk….
    She also neally cryed thanks to the onions…lol ?
    But my grandoughter sayed”good thing i explained this to u”
    She sayed for one reason….cause it was dilicious!!!!!
    Please i say please post more recapies they are fantastic!!!
    Thank you for everithing sabina huq!!!
    Yours truley hosnera moobin

  33. Salam Zainab. I would like to say you can steam the potatoes instead and this way there is not any excess water. I do this all the time and it works?.

  34. Could this be fried instead of baked?

  35. Oh my goodness! Thank you wholeheartedly for this recipe! I made it tonight for dinner- and it was difficult to find the self discipline not to eat everything in the pot! My husband was so happy with this- this recipe served up some joy in our household. Thank you again- this will definately be made again- perhaps with a different varietyof fish. What a treat. Yummy!

  36. Thank you so much for your comment. It was a pleasure to read and I’m so glad this dish made you and your husband this happy! Please try some other recipes and let me know your thoughts. Thanks again. Enjoy!

  37. Just tried out your recipe!!
    Pretty delicious thanks.
    I just want to request if you have the recipe of beef cooked with rajma. I really want the recipe of this dish and would be tremendously grateful if you could do so.

  38. Hi Ralph, glad you liked the dish. What is Rajma?

  39. Hi! Rajma means red kidney beans ?

  40. Made this tonight. Was delicious! Thank you!

  41. This is yummy! Your tip about adding salt to the onions to help soften them is amazing.

  42. This was the first recipe that I tried from Sabina’s wonderful site. It was exciting to use all the delicious and aromatic spices that mix together so perfectly for this dish. The meal was a huge hit and the hubby just loved it. I don’t think you can mess this recipe up. It’s just perfect! Thanks, Sabina.

  43. Thank you so much Jane! I’m so thrilled you and the hubby enjoyed my ribs recipe. They’re always a hit in my house too! Please try more recipes, pretty much all of them are super simple! Would love to hear how they turn out!

  44. Really quick and delicious. Only problem being I liked it so much I ate the lot ……. not sure how many the recipe is supposed to be for!

  45. This is the most amazing website. Most of the recipes follow the traditional method my mum has taught me, and I’m trying out the dishes. Do you have a recipe for tarka daal or any daal?

  46. Hi Jasmeen! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I do have some lentil recipes. They are under the section ‘from the land’ – here’s the link. Enjoy!

  47. Very informative
    Thank you
    Because cabbage is a highly nutritious vegetable.

  48. I made this last night and it was the most amazing chicken wings that I’ve ever eaten. So crispy yet so tender. Every mouthful felt like stepping on clouds. Absolutely love it

  49. Haha. Thank you very much Darifa, glad you enjoyed them. Hope they weren’t too spicy!

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