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  1. Hi Supriya! Thanks so much for checking out my site. Please let me know how yours turns out. You can leave a comment on the site underneath the recipe. Eggplant is my fave too!

  2. No idea if you still tend to this website. I have just discovered a gap in my cookbook library. Food from Indian sub continent. I think I’d need many as different regions do different things. So I am going to start with your prawn masala and spinach curry and a lovely big bowl of basmati. Wish me luck!

  3. Made this dish last night, very tasty, loved it.
    Shall make again on Saturday to have with girlfriend and son, probably add a bit of coconut cream, and slightly less green chillies, would be to hot for her, agree?

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for writing in. Best of luck experimenting with some of my recipes. Your choices are good ones, easy to make and super tasty. Please write back and share how they turned out.

  5. Hi Michael, thanks for writing in. Yeah for sure, you can add less chili powder. I love the idea of some coconut cream – it’ll turn it into a fish tikka massala of sorts. Pretty much, you can make any dish out of anything if you have the main core spices on hand and a bit of coconut cream or yogurt if you like them a bit richer. Let me know what your gf thinks.

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